Benefits of Work and Travel | Work Remotely at Coworking Spaces - Workvel

We take care of everything required by you on this journey of exciting work and travel.

We provide you with all the resources required, support and services to help you on every step of the journey.

We are here to allow you to have a great experience and WorkVel.

We take care of all the logistical requirements and make arrangements for this journey of yours.


Onboarding Information.

After you've signed up for a program, we will provide you with everything you need to know before you depart for your journey. A person will be available at all times to help you with your questions.


Travel Booking and Transportation.

We will be assembling at the first location, for which you need to book the arrangements. The same can be done by us if informed in advance. Remaining arrangements for the transfers will be made by us.


24/7 Workspace Access.

You’ll have 24/7 access to our partner workspaces at the location. Each space has been selected by our team after spending time and will be less than 10 minutes walk from your stay. All workspaces have reliable wifi, printers, copiers, private call rooms and more.


Private Room and Dorm Accomodation.

We have option for private rooms available but would recommed Dorm beds as they are a great space to interact and learn about stories from other fellow WorkVel participants. We have fully equipped and furnished spaces chosen by our team for your comfort.


Social & Professional Events.

On your program you'll be able to join various social and professional events allowing you to grow your network, sharpen your skills or even learn something new.


Impact Initiatives and Activites.

Our local teams have curated activites for you to indulge in and live the local life. These can range from simple trekking expeditions to learning sustainable living skills.

We want you to live like a local and enjoy the jourey of the same.

From planning your activities and meals, we have it all figured out.


Community Events.

Participate in fun games and activities with your fellow participant, from making mud ovens to cooking the meals for everyone. You have a paltform to indulge in your favourite hobby and share, teach and collaborate with fellow WorkVel particioants.


Your Breakfast is on us.

We understand how essential the first meal of the day is for everyone. And as a matter of fact we are providing it with the programme you sign up. We are not signing you up for other meals as we will be moving around to new local places to try out the same. If you want lunch and dinner, let your program leader know.


Local Support.

We have our program leader and the local team to help you with your arrangements. They work closely with the staff to provide you with great customer service throughout your WorkVel experience.

You become a part of our family and the community.

We believe in building relationships with our community and we are always working on making our outreach bigger.


Everlasting memories.

Every day on WorkVel Journey will offer something new — new people to meet, new places to see, new adventures to have. You'll create memories you'll remember for the rest of your life.


Life-long friendships.

On WorkVel you won't just meet new people. Other members in your community will become family and will often end up having a deeper level of understanding than even your loved ones.


A new outlook on life.

Whether you return home after your journey or continue traveling, your experience on WorkVel is sure to give you a fresh new perspective on life's possibilities.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up for our introductory programme today.